A Global Alliance for Zika Virus Control and Prevention



ZIKAlliance is a multidisciplinary project with a global "One Health" approach, built on (i) a multi‐centric network of clinical cohorts in the Caribbean, Central and South America; (ii) associated research sites in countries where the virus has been or is currently circulating (Africa, Asia, Polynesia) or at high risk for emergence (Reunion Island); (iii) a strong network of European and Brazilian clinical and basic research institutions; (iv) multiple interfaces with other scientific and public health programmes.

The three‐year multidisciplinary ZIKAlliance project links large observational multicentre cohort studies with basic scientific research to focus on the following three key objectives:

  • Objective 1: impact of Zika virus infection during pregnancy and short and medium term effects on newborns.
  • Objective 2: natural history of Zika virus infection in humans and their environment in the context of other circulating arboviruses.
  • Objective 3: building the overall capacity for preparedness research for future epidemic threats in Latin America and the Caribbean.

To meet its three key objectives, the scientific project has been organised in 12 Work Packages, with:

  • WP1/2 dedicated to clinical research
  • WP3/4 to basic research
  • WP5/6 to environmental research
  • WP7/8 to social sciences and communication
  • WP9 to management;
  • three additional packages created for organising collaboration with the consortia ZikaPlan and ZIKAction. They relate to harmonisation of protocols and data sharing (WP10), to common management and communication strategy (WP 11) and to the organisation of a common preparedness network (WP 12).