Scientific Reports, 28 November 2019

Marina Mariconti,Thomas Obadia, Laurence Mousson, Anna Malacrida, Giuliano Gasperi, Anna-Bella Failloux and Pei-Shi Yen
Arboviral diseases such as chikungunya, dengue, and Zika viruses have been threatening the European countries since the introduction in 1979 of the major vector Aedes albopictus. In 2017, more than three hundred of CHIKV autochthonous cases were reported in Italy, highlighting the urgent need for a risk assessment of arboviral diseases in European countries. In this study, the vector competence for three major arboviruses were analyzed in eight Ae. albopictus populations from Europe. Here we show that Southern European Ae. albopictus were susceptible to CHIKV, DENV-1 and ZIKV with the highest vector competence for CHIKV. Based on vector competence data and vector distribution, a prediction risk map for CHIKV was generated stressing the fear of CHIKV and to a lesser extent, of other arboviruses for Europe, calling us for new public health strategies.


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