Emerging Infectious Diseases, February 2019

Angélica Cristine Almeida Campos, Luiz Gustavo Bentim Góes, Andres Moreira-Soto, Cristiano de Carvalho, Guilherme Ambar, Anna-Lena Sander, Carlo Fischer, Adriana Ruckert da Rosa, Debora Cardoso de Oliveira, Ana Paula G. Kataoka, Wagner André Pedro, Luzia Fátima A. Martorelli, Luzia Helena Queiroz, Ariovaldo P. Cruz-Neto, Edison Luiz Durigon, and Jan Felix Drexler
Screening of 533 bats for influenza A viruses showed subtype HL18NL11 in intestines of 2 great fruit-eating bats (Artibeus lituratus). High concentrations suggested fecal shedding. Genomic characterizations revealed conservation of viral genes across different host species, countries, and sampling years, suggesting a conserved cellular receptor and wide-ranging occurrence of bat influenza A viruses.


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